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Revenue Shares

Up to 50% commission, sent via Bank Transfer within the first 7 days of each month . You can track your course sales and student progress from your Instructor account in real-time. Course price is up to you. Though we may guide you with some suggestions.


Marketing is on us

We take full responsibility for ads and other marketing to maximize the course sale.


Multi Tier Courses

You can add video lessons,topic, quiz etc. whatever you want to make the learning enjoyable.


Ready to become an instructor?

Do you want to be an instructor? Through Banglademy you will be able to spread your skills among everyone. Banglademy is one of the best e-learning platform with quality and accessible recorded courses for everyone in Bangla language. We believe E-learning is the only one stop solution for the future."Banglademy” is working with the best facilities for our esteemed instructors as compared to any other e-learning platform currently in vogue. An instructor will have a variety of opportunities, including long-term financial benefits, through his special course on our platform.

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Show your expertise, create course the way you want and maintain complete control over your content.

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Enhance your knowledge and experience while earning money from each successful paid enrollment.

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